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Loving son gives Eid gift of life...Liver Transplant Sonoclot Thromboelastography

A Pakistani son's donation of his liver to his mother on his birthday has cured the woman of cirrhosis, doctors at a hospital in India said yesterday. "A team of 21 people including doctors and other staff of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital successfully transplanted the liver of her son in the Pakistani woman, Zaib Un Nisa, curing her of cirrhosis of liver on August 14," said associate director, hepatobiliary and liver transplant department of the hospital, Dr Naimish N Mehta. Dr Mehta said the liver was voluntarily donated by the woman's 27-year-old son Umar Subhani, who works in the office of the chief minister of Punjab, Pakistan. The family lives in Sialkot. "Nisa was affected with hepatitis C four years ago and was undergoing treatment in a hospital in Pakistan. Hepatitis for a long period damaged her liver completely," Mehta said. The woman was so unwell that she was unable to walk even a short distance. "In January this