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Sonoclot ACT Machine Fondaparinux Monitoring

Fondaparinux is a new anticoagulant that interacts with antithrombin III and activated coagulation factor X resulting in an inhibition of the coagulation system. It has been successful in doses of 2.5 mg for thromboprophylaxis as well as in higher therapeutic doses of 5- 7.5 mg. No optimal method for monitoring the effects of fondaparinux has been proposed. The aim of the present study was to investigate whether a viscoelastic coagulation analyzer, the Sonoclot (Sienco, Denv er, Colorado, USA), could be used for in- vitro monitoring of fondaparinux.  Different concentrations of fondaparinux were added in-vitro to whole blood taken from eight volunteers. The blood samples mixed with the various amounts of fondaparinux were analyzed using the Sonoclot. The whole- blood activated partial thromboplastin time with the Hemochron Jr (IT C, Edison, New Jersey , USA) was used as the reference coagulation analysis. All analyses were started expeditiously , within 30 s from sampling, and were per