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Thromboelastography TEG 5000 ROTEM TEMA Sonoclot Specifications for Tender

Instrument to measure changes in impendence to movement of a vibrating probe in the developing clot. Instrument with Microprocessor controlled electro-mechanical visco-elastic coagulation monitor for determination of coagulation real time haemostasis and end-points in whole blood, citrated whole blood and plasma samples. Instrument with Technology for detecting initial fibrin and monitoring the clot formation process ·        Instrument with Single Channel instrument for General Hemostasis and Platelet Function Analysis. POC instrument. Compact instrument for mobility. Results to be displayed on the instrument also. Instrument with Automated Process, without the use of pipettes to run samples. ·        Instrument with following functions: ·        ACT testing for anticoagulant Management. ·        Numerical value for platelet function on a scale of 0 to 5. ·        Heparin monitoring (ACT) and blood product managemen