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Thromboelastography TEG 5000 ROTEM TEMA Sonoclot Specifications for Tender

  • Instrument to measure changes in impendence to movement of a vibrating probe in the developing clot.
  • Instrument with Microprocessor controlled electro-mechanical visco-elastic coagulation monitor for determination of coagulation real time haemostasis and end-points in whole blood, citrated whole blood and plasma samples.
  • Instrument with Technology for detecting initial fibrin and monitoring the clot formation process
·       Instrument with Single Channel instrument for General Hemostasis and Platelet Function Analysis.
  • POC instrument. Compact instrument for mobility.
  • Results to be displayed on the instrument also.
  • Instrument with Automated Process, without the use of pipettes to run samples.
·       Instrument with following functions:
·       ACT testing for anticoagulant Management.
·       Numerical value for platelet function on a scale of 0 to 5.
·       Heparin monitoring (ACT) and blood product management in one test.
·       Monitor high level heparin concentrations for Anti-Coagulation Management.
·       Work effectively on extremely hemodiluted blood, anticoagulated blood or blood with very low fibrinogen levels.
·       Compatible with Glass-Bead activators, Kaolin activators, Celite activators, Aprotinin insensitive activators, Custom activators.
·       Real time analysis of the test both qualitatively & quantitatively.
·       Time for initial results: 1.5 to 3 mins.
·       Time for platelet function tests: 7 to 15mins.
·       Typical testing time less than 20 mins.
·       Prefilled cuvettes for easy transfer of blood sample directly from syringe to cuvettes eliminating need for pipettes.
·       On-board real time quality control.
·       Unlimited patient results which can be easily retrieved as and when required.
·       Data management or data collection software automated results.
·       Instrument with Connectivity to computers via USB port.
·       Table top model, easy to install. No heavy mounting for installing the machine.

·       Power Requirements: 110-240V, Output: 9V, 2A.

Thromboelastography TEG 5000 ROTEM TEMA Sonoclot Specifications for Tender


  1. Thromboelastography TEG 5000 ROTEM TEMA Sonoclot Specifications for Tender


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