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Minor undergoes rare liver transplant

In a rare case, a 10-year-old boy suffering from liver failure got a fresh lease of life after doctors innovatively transplanted a portion of his mother's liver into him. This was not a standard transplant as the mother was found to be unfit for donation due to an aberrant anomaly in her hepatic vein. But with the boy's liver condition deteriorating rapidly, an urgent liver transplant was advised to increase his chances of survival. Incidentally, only the mother's blood group matched with the patient's group. With no options left, the surgeons at Global Hospital came up with innovative means of both extracting the liver from the donor and also implanting into the recipient with minimum risk. "The mother's left portion of the liver was implanted into the child and the right hepatic vein of the child was used to reconstruct the middle vein," said Dr Thomas Cherian, liver transplant surgeon of the hospital, who performed the surgery. Both the mother