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Sonoclot Activated Clotting Time ACT Machine is better than other ACT Machines Available

Sonoclot (SC1) ACT Machine incorporates Sonoclot's Proprietary Visco-Elastic technology and is extremely sensitive to the developing clot. Normal ACT Machines mechanically detect mature clot to report Activated Clotting Time which takes into account cumulative activity of Factors, Fibrin gel & Platelets to form a mature clot. On the other hand Sonoclot ACT Machine starts monitoring the viscosity changes, which is the first component to change when the coagulation cascade is triggered by the respective activators. Factor Xa triggers Prothrombin to Thrombin (Factor IIa) the sample is still in the liquid phase. As Thrombin forms it triggers Fibrinogen to Fibrin Polymerization the sample starts to gel and the viscosity starts increasing. Sonoclot ACT Machine is very sensitive to this changing viscosity and first reports ACT, which is a function of Factor Xa activity. Once the ACT results are obtained, Sonoclot ACT Machine measures the Gel formation phase (F