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Simultaneous transplants save 5 lives

CHENNAI: A team of surgeons from a private hospital in the city crossed another milestone, performing five transplants simultaneously in a marathon session of 12 hours recently.  Doctors from Global Hospitals transplanted two kidneys and three lobes of liver to five people at one go. While four patients benefited from a deceased donor, one patient received a part of liver from a living donor. "This is also the first time we have successfully performed a split liver surgery and transplanted it in two adults against the norm of giving it to an adult and a child," said liver transplant surgeon Dr Mohammed Rela.  Ten days ago, a liver transplant team consisting of 11 surgeons and a kidney transplant team with seven surgeons started work. Doctors harvested two kidneys, a liver, heart and lungs from a middle-aged donor. "He had health complications and also suffered from mild renal dysfunction. We withheld one kidney for an inpatient transplant and put the other kidney in