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Pune youth donates liver to save dying mom. Liver Transplant India

A comatose Pune woman with a sudden and total liver failure got a new lease of life thanks to her son who promptly donated his liver. The operation was successful and both mother and son are recuperating at home after having been discharged from hospital, doctors said. Gunwanti Gundesha, 49, was brought to the Global Hospital at Parel here a month ago (May 29), virtually in a dying state with her vital organ (liver) having completely failed. Global Hospital's medical team comprising doctors Hemant Vadeyar and Samir Shah immediately put Gunwanti on a ventilator and conducted other tests which confirmed the worst -- her liver had irreparably collapsed and she was sinking fast. "The patient's condition was bad due to brain swelling, which is a terminal stage in liver failure. The challenge was huge as we had to perform the operation on a very unstable patient and the donor operation also had to be completed simultaneously with the same urgency," said Prof. Mohamed

Country's first government Liver Clinic brings hope

Chethana (name changed), 10, had a virtual rebirth on Friday when she underwent a bile duct enlargement correction surgery at the newly-launched Liver Clinic here. The nation's first government-owned liver clinic offers a glimmer of hope for thousands of chronic liver disorder patients. The north Karnataka girl was among six persons who underwent surgeries at a surgical gastroenterology workshop. The operations, which were done at the Victoria Hospital premises, were beamed live to the inauguration venue. The Liver Clinic, run by the department of gastroenterology, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI), offers to conduct liver transplants on poor patients for Rs 5 lakh as against Rs 40 lakh charged by corporate hospitals. The state government has sanctioned Rs 7.5 crore for the clinic. As many as 150 patients with various liver disorders have been awaiting transplant and have registered with the Zonal Coordination Committee for Organ Transplan