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Liver Transplant India

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Aspirin Testing, Platelet Function Analyzer

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Bleeding Patient. Can Your ACT Machine HELP

BMHRC gets new cath lab

After nearly four years of wait, catheterization laboratory or cath lab was delivered at Bhopal memorial hospital and research centre (BMHRC). The new machine would be operational within a month and would be used to perform cardiac and non-cardiac vascular interventions in the gas victims' hospital. Top-of-the-line clinic with diagnostic imaging equipment, which cost Rs 5.21 crore, would be used to perform assessment of total heart function including pediatric congenital heart defects. "Arrival of the cath lab, marks a positive change for the gas victims hospital. We are in the process of upgrading most of our equipment," said BMHRC director Dr Manoj Pandey. For more information on Sonoclot ACT Machine,  please follow:

A Practical Tranexamic Acid Dosing Scheme Based on Population Pharmacokinetics in Children Undergoing Cardiac Surgery

Background: Pediatric cardiac surgery patients are at high risk for bleeding, and the antifibrinolytic drug tranexamic acid (TA) is often used to reduce blood loss. However, dosing schemes remain empirical as a consequence of the absence of pharmacokinetic study in this population. The authors’ objectives were thus to investigate the population pharmacokinetics of TA in pediatric cardiac surgery patients during cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB).   Methods: Twenty-one patients were randomized to receive TA either continuously (10 mg/kg followed by an infusion of 1 mg·kg −1 ·h −1  throughout the operation, and 10 mg/kg into the CPB) or discontinuously (10 mg/kg, then 10 mg/kg into the CPB and 10 mg·kg −1 ·h −1  at the end of CPB). Serum concentrations were measured at eight time points with chromatography–mass spectrometry and the data were modeled using Monolix (Lixoft, Orsay, France).  Results: Tranexamic acid pharmacokinetics was ascribed to a two-compartment open model. The main cova